Two crews – Vasilyev and Lauronen continue to move along the special stage, the rest are standing at 14th km due to the blocked route because of a fallen tree. The rest of the field finishes in the road mode.

Vladimir Vasilyev about the incident with the passage through the tree,
“There was such a big tree! We have an onboard. I thought we would leave our wheels there. The tree was really big, but it was possible to skip over the top of it, it is like this (he shows the thickness of an imaginary tree with his hands). The tree is dry and the knots are sticking out, I thought the tyres would be punctured, but they were ok”.

Anastasia Nifontova: "The race went well. This time we didn’t run-off, it pleases me. I don’t have enough experience, because the last time I drove a racing car was the Silk Way rally in the summer. The car was under repair, it was ready just before the “Northern Forest 2019” and I didn’t have time to test it. “Down from a mall straight to the ball”, so to speak. On the first day at the Prologue I remembered what and how to do, without haste, I got used to everything. Today, I think, we drove not bad. I only started to feel the taste, and there was finish. I’d like to race another week (laughing)".

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