09:10 Crew No. 203 Miroslav Zapletal – stop at the special stage (reason unknown)
09:15 Crew No. 209 Sergey Uspensky – stop at the special stage (reason unknown)
09:23 Crew No. 224 Fedor Vorobyov – stop at the special stage (reason unknown)

09:30 Crew No. 219 Maria Oparina – stop at the special stage.
Crew No. 602 Alexey Cherkesov – DON’T start.
Crew No. 207 Tapio Lauronen finished.
Crews No. 209, 224, 219 – continue driving along the special stage.
Crew No. 201 Vladimir Vasilyev finished.
Crew No. 201 result – 01:20:50
Crew No. 207 result – 01:20:48
Crew No. 206 Denis Krotov / Dmitry Tsyro finished.
Miroslav Zapletal’s crew got stuck in a deep snowdrift, they can’t go back to the track without help.
Crew No. 205 Andrey Rudskoy /Evgeny Zagorodnuk finished.

Andrey Rudskoy, “We fell into a snowstorm that complicated the visibility of the road greatly. It is clear that the cars ahead risk much. Miroslav Zapletal got stuck in a snow drift and won’t return to the track by himself. It was very slippery about third of the route and it even seemed that we were driving without studs. So everything is ok, there is one more special stage ahead”.

Crew No. 204 Fernando Alvarez Castellano, “It was great! We'll see what happens next. And there’s another special stage. Sometimes were the only crew on the track, although there were moments when rivals appeared both in front and behind”.

Crew No. 208 Benediktas Vanagas, “The track has become much more slippery and dangerous today. We drove very carefully. If it were not for the 42-second gap from Miroslav Zapletal before the SS4 start, we would have to take the risk and go faster. Several times the wheels grabbed snow. And we turned on the track twice. We were very lucky that the car didn’t go into snowdrifts and we were able to continue the fight”. 

Crew No. 222 Abdullah Al Zubair, “The day was successful. The condition of the track is excellent despite the fact that it’s very windy today; I liked it. By the way, we didn’t freeze, on the contrary, it became hot. There are no serious problems. Everything is ok”.

Miroslav Zapletal was helped out of the deep snow where he was being stuck for quite a long time by crew #608 (Vitaliy Pronenko / Dmitriy Agafonov) from the Russian Championship channel and headed off to the finish of SS4.

Still stuck in the SS4 route are the winners of T2 category of the previous day crew #214 (Evgeniy and Boris Pavlov) and #216 (Merdan and Shohrat Toyliev). And again cought in the snow crew #217 (Igor Meltzer and Taisia Shtaneva).

Evgeny Sukhovenko, “It’s very slippery today, I made a mistake 10 km from the start, moved into the parapet, got stuck. Alexey (Ignatov) drove up and pulled me out. We moved on. Then for some reason we decided to help a crew in the Hammer that was stuck. We spent about five minutes, but didn’t pull them out, unhooked and drove away. And now we have moved from the first position to the second and lost to Alexey Ignatov about 6 minutes at SS4. We ruined everything ourselves. There is one more special stage ahead, but the road is slippery, the studs are worn, it will be quite difficult to play the time back".

Alexey Ignatov, “We overtook our team mate. At the next special stage we will also stick to our vigorous pace. We won’t change anything. These roads are cool, and despite the bulkiness, the car allows us to drive confidently, in some places even quickly (in the classic rally). We’re getting much pleasure from an excellent track. Of course, the result is important, but our emotions prevail. There is no struggle with Evgeny Pavlov, whose crew let us pass. Despite the fact that we are driving quite close, it is clear we are helping each other. Yesterday we had a problem and changed the tyre, and today they have".

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