More details about how to reach the Race HQ we knew from head of logistic department Tatyana Lutsko.

What is the fastest way to get to the race location?

Tatyana Lutsko: After arriving to Saint Petersburg by plane, you have two options: travelling by train going to Kostomuksha, leaving it in Sortavala and getting to your hotel by taxi. Or renting a car in Saint Petersburg and travelling 300 kilometers to the North to the Black Rocks tourist centre. Please note, that rent-a-car services are unavailable in Sortavala.

The road from St.Petersburg to Sortavala varies greatly along the route. Starting as a four-lane highway it soon turns into a straight narrow road. In Karelia it meanders through the forests becoming a dirt road for several kilometers. Yet, following the road signs you will safely reach Sortavala. For international competitors, we are negotiating a possibility to stay in St.Petersburg in a terminal hotel. We are also planning to arrange a bus transfer from St.Petersburg to the headquarters on Thursday morning before the race. The information about these possibilities will be published on the website at the beginning of February.

You can also travel from Finland: either flying to Helsinki and then getting to the race location in a rent car, or taking a ferry to Finland driving your own car. The distance between Helsinki and Vyartsilya (Värtsilä) is 450 km, and then 63 km more to Sortavala. I would only ask our international participants to inform us in advance as to what route they would choose to travel to the race location. It would help us plan and organize a less troublesome process of crossing the border.

Tatyana, what else does your department plan to offer the participants at the event?

Tatyana Lutsko: Heated carports will be available at the Black Rocks centre. They will be supplied with all the necessary items and accessible by any participant. Please note, that this service will be charged, and we will have to arrange a timetable for the use of carports.

We will also organize a refuel zone.

To make it easier for the participants we organized the prologue near the Black Rocks centre, which is very convenient in terms of logistics. After arrival to HQ you will easily find you way to your car, there will be no need to change tires, as there are only 3 km of snowy road from the podium to the start.

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