Head of logistic department of Baja “Russia – Northern Forest 2015” Tatyana Lutsko informed about accommodation.

What hotels will be offered for the competitors? How far away are they from the main race services?

Tatyana Lutsko: The city closest to the headquarters is Sortavala, only 40-45 kilometers away from the Black Rocks. It can provide a wide range of accommodations – starting with hostels and up to European-type 3* hotels.

Are there any recommendations concerning bookings? Any special offers from the hotels?

Tatyana Lutsko: We have reached certain agreements with a number of hotels. They will have special offers for the participants of Baja Russia – Northern Forest 2015.
The distance between the start and the headquarters is around 30 kilometers. Around the start zone there are 3 hotels. We have booked out one of them, The Gardarika Hotel, completely for the convenience of our international competitors. The information on these hotels is also published on the website.
All the paperwork concerning hotel booking, parking, etc. needed by our international participants will be managed by the CRO Maria Oparina whose contacts you can find on the website. She will also submit all the information required by the border services, receive permissions and authorizations. For that, all international participants are asked to submit the information on all the cars and trucks crossing the border with the teams and the list of team members and their international passports’ numbers before 10th of February. All the information that we will need to assist our international guests is requested in the entry form published on the website.

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