Before the prize-giving ceremony at the Baja “Russia – Northern Forest 2018” in the Park Hotel “Gardarika” a press conference with the race winners and the race head was held.

During the pre-start press conference of the Baja "Russia - Northern Forest 2018" Vladimir Chagin, the director of the "Silk Way" international rally marathon, announced a special prize - the fastest crew in the World Cup or Russian Championship standings  will be eligible to participate in the "Silk Way 2018" Xian-Moscow race without payment of starting fees.

Baja “Russia – Northern Forest” has finished today in the Republic of Karelia, where the Qatari driver Nasser Saleh Al-Attiyah became the runaway winner.

1. Nasser Saleh AL-ATTIYA (QAT) / Matthieu BAUMEL (FRA) - Toyota Hilux Overdrive
2. Martin PROKOP (CZE) / Jan TOMANEK (CZE) - Ford F150 Evo
3. Vladimir VASILYEV  (RUS) / Konstantin ZHILTSOV (RUS) - MINI ONE

Each racing day is rich for events and emotions, and the final day of the rally puts all those people who arrived to the Karelian forests in places. The most interesting is when the sportsmen tell you about everything themselves!

The Republic of Karelia is hosting the Baja “Russia – Northern Forest” – the second day of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies first round ended up with domination of Nasser Al-Attiyah on the track. Qatari driver feels confident on Karelian snow roads, although his advantage over the Czech crew is only four minutes.

Day finish is a desired goal for any crew, but not everyone managed to reach it without “adventures”. Of course, it’s better to know all the details firsthand...

In clear morning the crews have already managed to pass the 104-kilometer SS-2 and shared their impressions of how difficult it was to travel a long distance over an unusual snow-ice surface.

The FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies 2018 season is starting in Karelia. Baja “Russia – Northern Forest” is kicked off in the “Ruskeala” Mountain Park.

A pre-start conference for media representatives accredited to the competition was held before the ceremonial opening and start of the Baja “Russia – Northern Forest” in the territory of the “Ruskeala” mountain park.

Administrative checks and scrutineering was completed. 


During the time planned for administrative checks, the press-office has a few minutes to ask crew members about their hopes and expectations from the race, the process of preparing for it and the mood!

The publication will be updated as information becomes available ...

“Russia – Northern Forest” Baja starts this weekend in Karelia and combines two competitions on the same track: the first round of the FIA ​​World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies and the first round of the Russian Rally Raid Championship.

The entry list is the strongest, it is possible to say there has not been such a starting list yet in the history of the race – nine FIA priority drivers, several World Cup holders and champions of Russia in different kinds of motorsports will pass through the Рodium in the “Ruskeala” Mountain Park.

Dear participants! The deadline for applications for fuel - up to February 13, 2018 You can order a fuel for "Northern Forest" Baja from Sky Fuels provider. Use this table with mileage to place an order.

2018 02 05 20 01 59


Karelia preparing for the first event in the Cross-Country rally World Cup. The stages for the upcoming race is cleaned and checked several times a week. After receiving entries from t3 category participants was decided: to make bridges in the places where fords are possible!


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2018 02 05 PHOTO 00000023

The International Automobile Federation covers a huge number of motorsport competitions – from such famous ones as Formula 1 to poorly promoted in Russia, such as the FIA European Hill-Climb Championship.

The racing series FIA World Cup For Cross-Country Rallies starts in February in Karelia and after 11 rounds announces the winner in October in Morocco.

On the FIA website the registration for the 2018 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies is now open.

If you are planning to participate in FIA World Cup for Cross Country Rallies in 2018, please use this link for registration to get points in the series


According to the new rules of the FIA for 2018, the entries for participation in the World Cup on the Northern Forest Baja 2018 prolonged untill February 7, 2018.

All necessary documents can be found here>>>

We will be glad to meet in Karelia on February 16 !!!

Attention! The deadline for applications for fuel - up to February 13, 2018

Dear participants! You can order a fuel for "Northern Forest" Baja from Sky Fuels provider.

Online order is available here >>>

Name: Avgass 100LL, SF-100, SF-95, SF- Disel Sport.

Sport petrol will be available in 200-liter tanks.

Payment can be made either by bank transfer or in cash on the track to our representative Artem Doronin, phone: + 7-963-962-17-25

You can also send an application form by e-mail to

- Download the application form

The first round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies – “Russia – Northern Forest 2018” Baja will be held on 16-18 February in Karelia.

The snow and ice rally raid in the North-West of Russia has been held since 2003, and in recent years it has become the first round of the top racing series in the world of cross-country rallies conducted under the auspices of the International Automobile Federation – the World Cup.

Dear participants, please check a list of necessary equipment, which should be on the rally cars for installing ERTF Unik1 and Sentinel devices. We ask you to check with your existing one and prepare in advance in order to use the stocks of available accessories as efficiently as possible.


Baja "Northern Forest" takes place in close proximity to the state border of the Russian Federation and Finland. We ask the teams to fill in and send the forms, where it is necessary to indicate the list of persons for issuing a collective pass to the frontier zone and the form withvehicles information.

Download the form >>>


Please send the document to:     



In Karelia, at last, stable weather has established and the level of snow on gravel roads allows us to say that the baja in February can become truly interesting!

Vladimir Vasilyev drove more than one thousand kilometers along the endless sand dunes, overmastered the “Africa Eco Race” and the “Silk Way” and “Dakar” marathons. He is a multiple winner of the World Cup and Russian Championship rounds. But one race is essential for him – the only winter round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies is held in his native Leningrad region.


Publish the draft version of 1st  round for FIA World Cup supplementary regulations and Entry form.

Download "Documents"

Dear friends! We are glad to inform you that the next year’s World Cup, as in previous years, will start with a unique snow winter race, Baja “Northern Forest 2018”. We kindly invite you to visit Russia on February 16-18 and challenge the unusual conditions of the race! We hope, this experience will leave one of the most vivid impressions of the year. Our team will do our best to make you enjoy your stay in fantastic winter Karelia!

During the “Russia – Northern Forest” Baja opening ceremony in Sortavala town, on the start podium of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies first round, Vladimir Chagin, “Silk Way” rally-marathon director, has announced a special prize – the overall race winner, setting the best time on the track, will be entitled to participate in the rally-marathon from Moscow to Beijing without having to pay the entry fee.

Final day of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, which has ended today in Karelia, was saturated with events and emotions. However, each racing day is always unpredictable and ready to give surprises, especially on winter track.

"Russia - Northern Forest 2017". Preliminary unofficial results

The main news was the FIA World Cup round leader change. Vladimir Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhiltsov went off the track and rolled over less than 100 km to the finish line. It took time to put the car to the wheels.

They have finished! Unfortunately, not everybody was able to do, but each of them struggled with the track, with a stopwatch, with personal and vehicle limits. The most recent, the most vivid impressions – immediately after the SS4 finish.

"Russia - Northern Forest 2017" Baja final special stage has started; participants went to the 178 km of forest roads in a good mood. We already have the first news from the start:

"Russia – Northern Forest 2017" Baja, the first round of the FIA World Cup and the Russian Championship in Cross-Country Rallies, continues in Karelia.

GPS code for tomorrow 1065

The first competitive day is coming to its end. Crews have shared their impressions after 227 kilometers of special stages.

N51 TSARUK Eduard - roll over
N41 VILCANS Aldis - hit the marbles
N48 POTAPOV Alexander - troubles with engine, retirement
N11 GADASIN Boris - troubles with engine, oil
N34 VAN BOHEMEN Jean-Paul - roll over

Saturday morning special stage is finished. “Russia – Northern Forest” Baja participants tells about their successes and failures.

28 TERENTYEV Alexander - stop on the track, troubles with electrics
27 LUKASZEWSKI Marcin - did not start, problems with ignition system, PF exit is not recorded
48 POTAPOV Alexander - retirement, engine
15 ADEL HUSSAIN Abdulla - hit the marbles
51 TSARUK Eduard - roll over
53 OHOTNIKOV Egor - rolled over, but continued driving

FIA World Cup in Cross-Country Rallies started on 24 February in Sortavala town, Republic of Karelia.

“Russia – Northern Forest” Baja pre-start press conference was held on 24 February 2017, and the organizers told about the competition readiness.

1. Tapio Lauronen 
2. Vladimir Vasiliev
3. Andrey Novikov
4. Aron Domzala
5. Miroslav Zapletal
6. Vladimir Frolov
7. Jean-Paul Van Bohemen
8. Marcin Lkaszewski
9. Viktor Khoroshavtsev
10. Alexander Terentyev

Gps code 7659

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