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The Headquarters open

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Opening of the Media Centreand

Start of Media Accreditation

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Thursday, February 12th 2015


Closing date for entries



Closing date for providing information about the second driver




Russia, 192241, Saint-Petersburg, Sofiyskaya str., 60, liter«P»

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Monday, February 16th 2015


Publication of the Entry List


Friday, February 20th 2015


Headquarters open

«Black Rocks» resort



Safety and controls equipment delivery (ERTF, Sentinel & GPS-GSM tracker)

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Administrative Checks

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Workshop «Black Rocks» resort



Opening of the Media Centre

«Black Rocks» resort Hunt room




«Black Rocks» resort, Gym hall



First Stewards meeting

«Black Rocks» resort FIA Stewards house



Publication of the start list for Leg 1

ONB, TC0 “Podium 1”, “Black Rocks” & web



Arrivals to the pre-start area

Helipad, “Black Rocks” resort



Ceremonial start

TC0 “Podium 1”, ”Black rocks”



Start of Leg 1 for 1st crew

TC0 “Podium 1”, ”Black rocks”



Start SSS for 1st crew

TC1, ”Zoo”



Finish of SSS & Leg 1 for 1st crew

TC1a, ”Puykkola”



Finish of Leg 1 for the 1st crew

TC1b, ”Service IN”, ”Black rocks”



Start position selection for leg 2 for the first ten competitors in the classification of the SSS

Mandatory briefing

«Black Rocks» resort, Gym hall



Publication of the start list for Leg 2

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Closure of the HQ

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Saturday, February 21st 2015


Headquarters open

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Start of Leg 2

TC2 “Service OUT”, ”Black Rocks”



Start SS2 1st crew

TC2a, “Yanisyarvi”



Finish SS1 1st crew

TC2b, “Vyarsilya”



Finish of Leg 2 for the 1st crew

TC2c, “Service IN”



Start list for Leg 3& road books delivery

«Black Rocks» resort ONB



Closure of the HQ

«Black Rocks» resort

Sunday, February 22th 2015


Headquarters open

«Black Rocks» resort



Start of Leg 3

TC3 “Service OUT”, ”Black Rocks”



Start of SS3

TC3a, “Vyarsilya”



Finish of SS3 for the 1st crew

TC3b, “Yanisyarvi”



Finish Parc Ferme, end of Leg3

TC3c, «Black Rocks» resort, helipad



Podium ceremony

«Black Rocks» resort, backyard



Final scrutineering

«Black Rocks» resort, workshop



Publication of Provisional Early results

«Black Rocks» resort, ONB



Publication of Provisional results

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Prize giving

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Rent b

In 2006 “Northern Forest” Baja again deserved the right to open the Russian Championship in rally raids. The race and the season opening ceremony took place in Priozersk town.
Forest lanes were again included to the route configuration to give it a raid nature. The three-day Baja total route length was about 800 km, there were 37 crews at the start.

Winter has long been started in Karelia so the snow will not surprise anybody. Snow is everywhere here. Today, the "Russia - Northern Forest 2017" Baja organizers have started clearing up the road and preparing it for the competition that takes place from 24 to 26 February.

In accordance with the new requirements FIA shortened deadline for applications until February 8, 2017 ( art. 11.5 2017FIACCRGP)

Eligibility to score points in the FIA World Cup / FIA Registration

Please inform the competitors that, in order to score points in the FIA World Cup classifications, they have to register with the FIA before the closing date for entries of the first World Cup rally/baja entered (Arts 1.3 and 1.4 of the 2017 Sporting Regulations of the FIA World Cup for Cross‐Country Rallies). The online registration form shall be made available in the area of the FIA website dedicated to the World Cup (www.fia.com) by 16 January. The registration is free of charge.

The world's only unique snow and ice “Northern Forest” Baja third edition was marked by the GPS-controllers installation, allowing to adjust the speed limits without attracting additional traffic police and avoid the last year problems. Baja opened the 2005 Russian Championship in rally raids. Start and the prologue were located at the stadium of technical kinds of sports in St. Petersburg. The track configuration was almost the same, except it became faster because of reduced mileage due to the narrow forest sections. The total distance was about 600 km. 33 of 43 crews passed the race from start to finish.

On behalf of ATCUAE and QMMF, all competitors who take part in Baja Russia will be entitled to complimentary one way air freight of their cars from St. Petersburg to UAE, provided they also take part in the following three rounds of the World Cup, i.e. Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. Competitors will be required to agree the logistics and terms in advance with ATCUAE and the payment will be made after the competitor takes the start in the Qatar event.

Once they start all the three events in the gulf region, they will be entitled to the refund of the fee for the air freight. As Qatar is the last of these three rounds, the refund will be available after they start Qatar.
The best contact in ATC is Tanya Kutsenko, tanya@atcuae.ae

The “Northern Forest” Baja second edition opened 2004 Russian Championship in rally raids. It was held on the Karelian roads, near the town of Priozersk, with a ceremonial start in Sosnovo village. The combination of rally special stages and narrow forest raid roads has become a highlight of the race.


Snow and ice Baja “Northern Forest 2017” takes place from 24 to 26 February in the Karelian great spaces. Winter raid competition has become a tradition not only for the Russian athletes: the riders from different countries and continents come to the Republic of Karelia to take part in a unique race, where they struggle in the cold, snow and ice instead of the usual sand dunes and heat.
“Russia-Northern Forest” Baja has got great history: 12 races were conducted from 2003 to 2016. Let us remember how it was.

Dear Competitors!  We are glad to offer you cars prepared for 1st Rally Raid World Cup event - baja "RUSSIA - NORTHERN FOREST". If for any reason you are not able to deliever your car to Russia or it is not convinient, you may choose it in the RENTCARS section of the site.

Now it is much easier to start in the first World Cup event!


In the "Documents", you can find the guide of the first event of the FIA CROSS-COUNTRY World Cup - Baja "Russia - Northern Forest".

Direct link to the document: hhttp://bajarussia.ru/images/docs/rally/2017/ENG_guide2017.pdf

Attention! Entry Form for baja "Russia -Northern Forest 2017" is available on our website  http://bajarussia.com/en/submit-a-ticket

Reduced fee accepted until January 23, 2017!

To obtain admission to the border zone, where the Baja is, you need to fill out an application

Please send the completed form to the address entry@northern-forest.ru

Enjoy our new video: “KAMAZ-Master” team has come to Karelia to get ready to the grand event – “Dakar 2017” marathon. They’ve driven along a new route configuration of the World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies first round and been satisfied with the work done.

“Person of the Year in Motorsport” awardgiving ceremony was held in Moscow yesterday. Motorsport judges with the media jury support were choosing the most dignified motorsport representatives, who were the best in their field and profession in 2016.

“KAMAZ-Master” team has come to Karelia again to get ready to the grand event – “Dakar 2017” marathon. They’ve driven along a new route configuration of the World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies first round and been satisfied with the work done.

Maris Neiksans and Anton Nikolaev, the members of the “Northern Forest 2016” Baja winning crew took part in the race for the first time together. Moreover, they have met each other only prior to the competition, and then had just a couple of testing days. The Latvian-Russian crew skills and professionalism is easy to appreciate: to be a winner in a new car is not so easy.

The international crew of Maris Neiksans and Anton Nikolaev became the winner of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies round.


According to preliminary results, the international crew of Maris Neiksans and Anton Nikolaev became the winner of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies round. After winning the first racing day, Maris has not stepped back on the second one. Vladimir Vasilev and Konstantin Zhiltsov secured the second place, Novikov brothers, Andrey and Vladimir, rounded out the top three.


vasilyev txt

Vladimir Vasilyev (driver, №1):

- What are your impressions compared to the previous day. How is the track?
- Everything is all right, the track is the same as yesterday, but there is some rut. The road is good and cleaned.

The second day of the “Northern Forest 2016” Baja has begun according to plan: 28 crews have started at SS3. Sportsmen have to overcome 178.69 kilometers of high-speed sections by the yesterday’s track, but in the opposite direction.

forest logo 2016

First day of Baja "Russia-Northern Forest 2016" finished today in Karelia. There are two competitions combined: first event of Rally Raid World Cup and first event of Russian Rally Raid Championship. The most part of the Russian crews are well aware of the winter rally raids, while it is completely new for the foreign competitors. Although, foreign competitors managed well with this task.


Enjoy the video from the second day of baja "Russia - Northern Forest".


There are two competitions at “Russia – Northern Forest” Baja: the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies first round and the Championship of Russia in rally raids first round. Preliminarily, by the day results Maris Neiksans leads the World Cup, the second is Vladimir Vasilev, and Reinaldo Varela rounds out the top-three. Day results

LA 5373

Venezuela pilot Coffaro Nunzio shared his impressions of his first  ever winter rally raid.


Right now LifeNews TV will broadcast live the interview with Maris Neiksans!

lifenews noshadow

Vladimir Frolov (driver, №6): We drove normally, but after a short distance rear shock absorbers failed, so we struggled with the car, because the rear axle slipped, we suffered all the way. Last year, we had the same problem at the “North Forest”, so we’ll try to repair it at the service.

Starting order ceremony delayed – the results to be updated. Result publication is delayed by 30 minutes, PF exit after regrouping at 13:00.



- 10:00 Crew #22 (Maganov / Shubin) rolled over near the TC-1 in the judges visibility area, hit the ground and drove on;

Reinaldo Varela (driver, crew #2): “Really nice special stage. It was difficult for us, snow and slippery. But we didn’t have any problems, so ... let’s continue!”


Enjoy the video from the first day of baja "Russia - Northern Forest".


The FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies first round, “Russia – Northern Forest 2016” Baja started in Karelia.


The speakers were: Valentina Ulich – the Republic of Karelia Vice Head, Alexander Voronov – the Republic of Karelia Minister of Youth, Physical Culture and Sports, Vladimir Chagin – “KAMAZ-master” Director, Roman Zimovets – “Gazpromneft -lubricants” Deputy General Director, Vladimir Vasilev – the G-Energy team driver.


Toni Gardemeister, a Professional Finnish rally driver, the World Rally Championship participant (1996-2010) had a test session on the eve of the rally raid and prepared to drive a heavy 4WD car. "Northern Forest 2016" Baja press service asked him about the tests and his tactics for the race.


Boris Gadasin, Honored Master of Sports of Russia, the winner of the World Cup for Bajas, the multiple champion of Russian and world-class motorsport competitions told us why he do not start in the “Northern Forest 2016” Baja.

img 2377 r

“Northern Forest 2016” Baja Sports comissioners committee approved the enrty list and the starting bulletin for TC-0.

We invite all the motorsport fans, who can not come to Karelia and see the real adventures of “Northern Forest 2016” Baja participants, to watch it online. You can follow the sports cars movements on the track live.

There are administrative checks from the early morning at the “Northern Forest 2016” Baja headquarters, teams and crews are
receiving documents, travel books and start numbers. Participants’ vehicles are undergoing Technical Commission, were the compliance with the safety requirements and the FIA World Cup and the Russian Championship in Rally Raids rules are verified.


Andrey Rudnitsky, an experienced co-driver from Belarus, despite the hustle and bustle in the headquarters, has found out a couple of minutes and gave a detailed interview to the “Northern Forest 2016” Baja press service. Andrey assists on the right to Latvian racer Aldis Vilcans, a multiple participant of international competitions.
Latvian-Belarusian crew will fight both at the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies (Category T1) round and at the Russian Championship in rally raids round (category R1).


The first part of the administrative checks has finished. Some racers have already received documents at the “Northern Forest 2016” Baja headquarters. Tomorrow morning the scheduled scrutineering start; the entry list will be updated and start numbers are assigned. 
Experienced drivers and co-drivers are discussing the upcoming competition.


There is an excitement at the headquarters – Russian and foreign sportsmen meet at registration desks, discussing the upcoming competition. Sombody is getting acquanted, others are familiar and welcoming foreign guests in their home race. “Northern Forest 2016” Baja press service met a couple of the race participants who arrived to the unique winter event for the first time.


An unusual guest Masatoshi Teshima, MITSUBISHI MOTORS  team Consultant has come to Baja "Northern Forest 2016".  We asked him to tell about his visit to the race and why he was interested in this rally event.


Event for children, organized with the “Serdobol” Youth Center support – “Homeroom” with Ronan Morgan, the head of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies first round, was held today in the warm atmosphere of friendly conversation. Ronald told the children how the races are prepared, explained the specifics, the similarities and differences of organizing the world-class events in Russia and the UAE.

GALD3561 X3

The press center has started to work according to the schedule, and the race headquarters is preparing for the opening: in the center of Sortavala town at 22, Karelskaya street, the doors open for the “Northern Forest 2016” Baja participants – the first documents registration begins and the accredited journalists receive their packages.

Штаб и пресс-центр бахи «Северный лес 2016» начинают работу


Enjoy video from the snow test day in Finland with the team ReAutoclub.

youtube scrn 1

A new team – New Generation Racing Team – has appeared in the “Northern Forest” Baja entry list. It was formed in 2015 by merging the experience and capabilities of the two strongest Russian teams NRT Motorsport and the G-Force Motorsport. In 2016 the team plans to perform at the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Ralliesand the Russian Championship in rally raids. At the “Northern Forest” two new team drivers Andrey Novikov and Andrey Rudskoy will fight for the World Cup points.


One of the upcoming event in Karelia favorites, Finnish driver Jouni-Matti Ampuja, has posted on his “Facebook” page a team’s picture with the signature that his crew is going to struggle up to the end this year. 

JMAmpuja 3

Vladimir Vasilev and Konstantin Zhiltsov, FIA ​​World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies 2014 Winners, will participate in “Russia – Northern Forest 2016” Baja from 20 to 22 February. This race is a round of FIA ​​World Cup and Russian Championship in rally raids. Participation in this competition on snow and ice coverage is crucial for the G-Energy Team crew that has successfully performed in the famous “Dakar” rally marathon in recent years. In 2014 and 2015 Vasilev/Zhiltsov crew secured the second place in “Russia – Northern Forest” Baja, but now they are expecting to win.

GEnergy Team 1

Information for those who are planning a trip to “Northern Forest” Baja from St. Petersburg. Travel time from Saint Petersburg (Pulkovo) to Sortavala is approximately 4.5 hours, 300 km; Saint Petersburg (Pulkovo) to Vyartsilya is 5-5.5 hours, 370 km.


Maris Neiksans, a well-known Baltic driver, 8-time Latvian Rally, Rally-Cross, Autocross and Karting Champion, a coach will participate in the rally raid for the first time. Maris will discover a new for him sports discipline right at “Northern Forest 2016” Russian Baja, the 1st round of the World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies. Our press service asked the Latvian racer the most interesting questions.

Maris 4

Russia and the world strongest drivers are preparing to open the rally raid racing season at the first round of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies and ​​Russian Championship – “Russia – Northern Forest 2016” Baja. The three-day race will be held in Karelia from 20 to 22 February.

pecom 1

We invite all the competitors and accredited press of the first Rally-Raid World Cup event and Russian Championship for a meeting with Rally marathon “Silk Way 2016. Moscow-Beijing” Director, general manager of “Kamaz-Master” and seven times “Dakar” winner – Vladimir Chagin. The details of the road and Rally-Raid will be covered.


On 14 February, Robert Sanakoev, the RAF Off-road Competitions Committee Chairman, takes part in “Bikepost” program on Vesti FM radio. The program will talk about Russian Championship and Cup in rally raids, as well as the upcoming World Cup first round in the Republic of Karelia.


On 19 February, there is a “homeroom” with Ronan Morgan, the Head of the World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies first round in the “Serdobol” Youth Center.

Ronan Morgan 732x529

Published provisional entry list. We remind you that there sre only 3 days before the deadline for receipt of applications.


In the middle of the week “Northern Forest” Bajas organizers visited Karelia. One of the program issues was to visit the race track. In connection with the warming in Europe and news about the cancellation of one race after another due to unsuitable road condition for winter racing and consequences of the roadway deformation due to the rally crews passage, the preparation of the track is very important.

IMG 20160202 144107

One of the most famous Finnish rally-driver Toni Gardemeister will participate in the Baja "Northern Forest 2016". Professional pilot, Tony started 162 times in the rally and during participation in the World Rally Championship already won 6 podiums and 15 special stages. He was driver in "Seat", "Mitsubishi", "Skoda", "Ford" and "Suzuki" teams.
Toni Gardemeister 29

Applications acceptance is continuing, and we would like to inform you that the ability to pay the entry fee by cashless way through our website interface is implemented for the participants convenience.



On 28 February the Russian Automobile Federation held a press conference dedicated to the new season start in the Championship and the Cup of Russia in rally raids and the World Cup first round – “Northern Forest” Baja that takes place in Karelia from 20 to 22 February.

RAF January2

Dearrallymenandmotorsport fans!

“Avtotema ProRacing” company is glad to announce that RallyShop will be open during the technical scrutineering and “Russia – Northern Forest 2016” race from 20 to 22 February in the service park area.


On 19 January Valentina Ulich, Social Affairs Deputy Head of the Republic of Karelia, held a meeting of the Organizing Committee on preparation and holding of national and international rally competitions in the region in 2016.


Andrey Rudskoy, the winner of the World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies in T2 category, has been preparing for the “Northern Forest” in advance – he has been testing and setting up his vehicle from 2015. But today we have decided to get the information about his very first “Northern Forest”.


Organizers of the first World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies round, "Baja Russia - Northern Forest - 2016", the Government of the Republic of Karelia and the "Serdobol" youth center announce a competition for the best children's drawing and the most impressive slogan or motto for snow race "Baja Russia - Northern Forest - 2016 ".

10 039

Andrey Novikov’s name is known for a long time and you can put him on the list of Russian rally-raids ‘old timers’. Andrey started as a co-driver back in 2002, but soon he moved to the left driver’s seat, where he changed the cars from Niva to G-Force Proto prototype over the years. T2 category Champion of Russia and the winner of “Northern Forest 2013” Baja in Production class told us about the secret of success on winter roads and the Karelian round peculiarities.

novikov 2016 2

Special offer for the rally-raid participants in 2016.

Participants, who will book rooms in advance, if single rooms are not available, will have the possibility of accommodation in a double room with the price of 3200 rubles/day per person.


Dear participants!

Supplementary regulations is available to download in DOCUMENTS


Dear participants!
We would like to remind you that the race takes place in the Republic of Karelia, rally HQ will be located in Sortavala town and Vyartsilya village (21-22 February).
If you would like to live in close vicinity to the track and HQ, it is necessary to book apartments and hotels in advance.

"Black rocks" resort recommends you to do it in plenty of time because hotel accommodation is limited.

karjala accomodation


Sergey Talantsev, Deputy Clerk of the Course, told us about the new track of the World Cup first round and about preparation for the race.


The Best moment of Baja Russia "Northern Forest 2015" in photogallery


NF15 Best GE129 XL


Victor Sokolov is a safety deputy director of baja “Russia - Northern forest 2016” and one of the best Russian specialists at rally raid rounds. Work at such races as “Transoriental”, “Belarus”, “Great Steppe”, “Northern Forest” and “Silk way” is under his belt.




Finnish crews sensational win in the standings and Russia World Cup the second stage «Baja Russia - Northern Forest 2015».

The first day of the Baja "Russia - Northern Forest" was interesting and outstanding. Participants, guests and fans came to the sports complex “Black Rocks” from early in the morning. The official part of the competitions began after passing the administrative and technical inspections.


Start List Leg 2

Early in the morning the official start of the Baja "Russia - Northern Forest 2015" took start from administrative and technical cheks. Our special report with bright pictures from Gym hall and Service park of "Black Rocks" resort by Anton Rodionov and Lina Arnautova.

Karelia is one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Valaam Monastery, Marble Canyon Ruskeala – part of national heritage of Russia, the ancient city of Sortavala storing more than 90 architectural monuments… All this cultural richness of Russia supplements the unique nature of the region.

Viktor Sokolov is a safety officer with profound experience of dealing with safety aarangements in such racings as the international Transoriental Rally, “Northern Forest”, the rally-raid “Great Steppe”, and baja Belarus as an organizer and in safety officer capacity. Another example of his racing involvements is Silk Way Rally where he performed duties of a safety officer.

On the official site of Baja "Russia - Northern Forest 2015" the official entry lists of crews with starting numbers, the schedule of administrative and technical checks, and also information from organizers are published in the section "Participants".

Entry list All Participants

Entry list FIA World Cup

Entry list Russian Championship


On 20th – 22nd of February, a famous international competition Russia – Northern Forest will be run in the Republic of Karelia. The competition is held in 2 status – it will become the first round of FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies and the first round the Russian Championship for Cross-Country Rallies. This arrangement will allow the competitors to contend for rankings in both series and further boost the popularity of the Baja.

VEB sponsorship is being carried out in accordance with the Memorandum on financial policies which reads that all implemented investment projects should comply with the preferred areas of Vnesheconombank’s investment activities. Sponsorship of Russian motorsports has been on the agenda of VEB investment program for several years already.

Vladimir Frolov is the head of ATT group, the official representative of Tatra, Iveco, DAF, and RM Terex in Russia. Vladimir Frolov’s team ATT Racing is going to participate in baja Northern Forest for the fifth time, his cross-country experience counting 15 years.

Aleksandr Kolembet is a successful off-road driver. He won the Moscow region off-road championship in 2012 and 2013, and became the winner of the world’s longest off-road race, the transcontinental Expedition-trophy in 2013.Very often Aleksandr Kolembet is racing with his son Sergey as one crew.

The GEORAID team‘s crew Artem Varenzov and Roman Elagin will be starting at Northern Forest 2015 in two series – in Russian Cross-Country Rally Championship and in  FIA World Cup. Varenzov/Elagin duo is the most titled Russian crew in T2 category (Production).

Tapio Suominen started as a racer in 1999 and for a long time was a co-driver to Toni Gardemeister in classic rally.

Cross-country rally is not limited only to fast cars, drivers, co-drivers, and treacherous routes. It comprises so much more than that, among all other things media - journalists, photographers, and cameramen coming up with all the adrenaline-charged shots, TV footage, chronicles and articles.

On Thursday, 19th of February from 10:00 until 17:00 shakedown heats will be arranged for the crews who will send an application and pay the fee of 120 Euro (9000 rubles) from each team. The heats will be starting every hour and last for 1 hour each. All applications will be accepted while possible and considered on a first-come basis. The application can be submitted in a free form and should include contacts of the crew, method of payment, and the desirable time of start on the shakedown heat. The application should be sent to entry@northern-forest.ru.

After consideration and allotment of start times, applicants will receive an invoice of payment and further information.

Eduard Tsaryuk and his co-driver Dmitry Lopushkov from Volgograd will be competing in the baja Russia – Northern 2015 in Raid Sport category of the Russian National Cross-Country Championship with their UAZ Hunter.

The reigning Russian champions and the current holders of FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, Vladimir Vasilyev and Konstantin Zhil’tsov are determined to defend their titles in the upcoming sporting season.

Vladimir Frolov is the head of ATT group, the official representative of Tatra, Iveco, DAF, and RM Terex in Russia. Vladimir Frolov’s team ATT Racing is going to participate in baja Northern Forest for the fifth time, his cross-country experience counting 15 years. He is a two times national champion and Russian Cup holder.

Aleksandr Kolembet is a successful off-road driver. He won the Moscow region off-road championship in 2012 and 2013, and became the winner of the world’s longest off-road race, the transcontinental Expedition-trophy in 2013.Very often Aleksandr Kolembet is racing with his son Sergey as one crew.

Marek Dabrowski at the wheel of a Belgian Overdrive Racing Toyota Hilux prototype and Jacek Czachor as his co-driver will be wearing the colours of their sponsor ORLEN.

Aleksandr Trukhan, CEO of “GAZPROMNEFT – lubricants” in an interview to the baja Russia – Northern Forest 2015 press service.

The international crew from Kazakhstan consisting of the driver Andrey Cherednikov and his Ukranian co-driver Dmitry Tsyro have already come to race in baja Russia - Northern Forest several times. Last year, the crew finished the race in the 9th position in overall classification.

Back together in the same crew, Anton Mel’nikov and Anton Nikolaev are going to race in the winter baja.

PEC team will participate in baja Russia – Northern Forest 2015 with two crews – Evgeny Firsov / Vadim Filatov and Dmitry Ievlev /Aleksey Shaposhnikov.

Riccardo Garosci, an Italian businessman and a member of Ralliart Team Italy from Turin, has actively been competing in races for over 30 years.

On Tuesday, 10th of February, Baja “Russia – Northern Forest 2015” became the main item of the briefing in the Government of the republic of Karelia.

Latvian driver AldisVilcans and his fabulous spouse DairaVilcane are coming to Karelia to become the ornamentof the list of competitors of the baja Russia – Northern Forest 2015.

Sheikh Hamad Eid Al Thani kindly agreed to answer the questions of the Northern Forest press service.

Dear competitors!

Organizers plan the transfer bus from Saint-Petersburg  to race HQ "Black Rock" complex and "Gardarica" hotel on 19th of February at 14-00.

The request for the place in  transfer bus is compulsory and should be sent to the competitors department on the name of Maria Oparina maria.oparina@northen-forest.ru till 16th of February 2015.

The price 20 euro per person.

Photos from the race track.

We asked Ronan Morgan to remember about his first working experience in Baja “Northern Forest” and tell us about new plans for 2015.

Ruslan Misikov is reliving the highlights of the past years of the Northern Forest in an interview to the baja’s press service.

In the season 2015,Alexandr Terentyev takes part in the race organization simultaneously preparing to hit the road at the wheel of Ford Raptor F-150 in Karelia.

RE Autoclub is a Latvian racing team with a 20-year history of racing in international competitions and more than 10 years of cross-country racing experience.

Africa Eco Race 2015 prize-winner Kazakhstan Mobilex Racing team will participate in baja Northen Forest 2015.

We interviewed Nasser Al-Attiyah about his plans for after Dakar and for the Northern Forest 2015 winter race.

The Dutch Erik Van Loon and WouterRosegaar in Mini All4 Racing are aiming to compete in 2015 FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies, the baja Russia – Northern Forest to be the first of their endeavors this season.

The current holders of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies 2014 in T-2 category Andrey Rudskoy and Evgeniy Zagorodnyuk confirmed that they are going to participate in baja Russia – Northern Forest 2015.

A meeting of the baja’s organizing committee presided by the Deputy Head of Karelia for social issues Valentina Ulich took place on January, 28.

The presentation of the winter baja Russia – Northern Forest 2015 had been running throughout the Africa Race. At bivouacs in Atar and Akjut, the international competitors were offered invitations and information about the upcoming event.

Denis Berezovskiy is a talented driver from Kazakhstan and is often sighted in international races, the sand dunes of the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Morocco among his favorites as well as the world famous Dakar marathon.

Despite the Dakar frantic pace, the top rally teams find time to schedule their logistics for the baja “Russia- Northern Forest 2015”.

Having finished within the top five in the Dakar Rally 2015, Vladimir Vasilyev is looking forward to his favorite winter race that is to be held in Russia.

X-Raid team director Sven Quandt confirmed that his team is going to participate in Baja Russia – Northern Forest 2015.  The list of the crews for the race will be approved after the return from Dakar 2015 in late January.

This year, one of the most celebrated motorsport experts Ronan Morgan has accepted the invitation to become Clerk of the course of Baja Russia – Northern Forest 2015.

Logistics being the keystone of success in organizing any sporting event, we discuss the essential questions with Tatyana Lutsko, the head of logistics department of Baja Russia - Northern Forest 2015.

More details about how to reach the Race HQ we knew from head of logistic department Tatyana Lutsko.

Head of logistic department of Baja “Russia – Northern Forest 2015” Tatyana Lutsko informed about accommodation.

The new routes preparation for Baja Russia - Northern Forest 2015 in under way. Two best Russian experts Sergey Talantsev and Viktor Sokolov are fully engaged with the new road book preparation.

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